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I'm a prolific LEGO Technic builder, and the goal of this website is to document my LEGO constructions, ideas and various achievements. I'm trying to share my work is such a way that it could inspire, or be developed further by other builders.
In addition to my website, you may also want to follow my Facebook page where building process of current projects is shown and where future ideas are discussed.

Monster Truck

June 3rd, 2011 64 comments

A monster truck with Power Puller wheels. Features 4×4 drive, three steering modes, full independent suspension, remotely controlled gearbox and lights.   Read more…

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May 30th, 2011 23 comments

A multi-hulled boat, my first marine vessel. Features simple propulsion system with two independent motors.   Read more…

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Monorail Network Planner Tool

May 25th, 2011 12 comments

Tool for Monorail builders. It lets you design a layout of a Monorail network, using all types of the Monorail track sections.

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Monorail Mk3: Gauntry

May 22nd, 2011 13 comments

My third Monorail ceation, features a single loop with two Monorails, a cargo truck and a gauntry.   Read more…

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GG Quad

May 20th, 2011 47 comments

Model of a GG Quad. Features full suspension, return-to-center steering system and a powerful propulsion system.   Read more…

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Monorail Mk2: Twin Loops

April 22nd, 2011 27 comments

My second Monorail ceation, features two connected loops with two Monorails and a single station.   Read more…

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April 20th, 2011 155 comments

Model of the Humvee designed for Truck Trial races. Features full independent suspension, portal axles, 2-speed remote controlled gearbox, lights, opened bonnet, doors and rear hatch.   Read more…

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Monorail Mk1

April 10th, 2011 18 comments

My first Monorail, featuring a single large loop with two simple stations.   Read more…

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Press, double

April 8th, 2011 7 comments

Two press magazines have released materials concerning my models and my publications.
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2011 plans

March 14th, 2011 57 comments

A somewhat late overview of my building plans for this year.
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