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MOC Manager tool now available

August 29th, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments

A new free tool for AFOLs is now available at my website: a MOC manager.

I have published a new tool which I’ve created for myself, to help keeping track of too many projects in progress. The tool’s functions are as follows:

  • you can create a list of MOC projects in it, with ability to add, edit and delete projects
  • you can sort the list by dragging items up and down
  • any changes are saved automatically in your web browser’s memory
  • you can move your list to another web browser and another device by using Export Save option, moving the file, then using Load Save option on the other device

The tool is fairly simple and the same could be done using an Excel spreadsheet, but it’s a bit more specialized and I find it more convenient to have it in my browser. Below is a video showcasing the basic functionalities.

The tool is available for free at mocs.sariel.pl

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