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Monorail Mk6: Overpass

Monorail Overpass

A simple Monorail creation featuring a single two level station and a dangerous track.  


Completion date: 04/07/2013
Power: 9V (Monorail)

I haven’t built any Monorail creation since 2011, always focusing on more complex Technic project, until I’ve finally felt it’s time to get back to it again. This creation, simple as it was, was aimed mainly as something that I consider the main advantage of the Monorail system – going off the ground. The track was supposed to go high and perilous, with a long straight bridge-like section. I was, in fact, thinking of making a suspended bridge for that section, but it turned out that the Monorail track is so rigid that it needs only little support. Stiffening it and supporting its two ends turned out perfectly sufficient – no supporting structure was needed.

The track followed two walls of my room, and at no point ran less than 1 meter above the floor. It turned out dangerous – I had to test it multiple times and make changes to it to prevent Monorail cars from falling off. It only ended with a single two-level station, housing 56 minifigures. Another 10 minifigures were sitting inside the Monorail, which was very crude and simple – that’s because in order to minimize the risk of its falling off the track, I had to make it as light and as low as possible. In the end, the whole set-up was fun to play with, but boring because of its simplicity.


1.jpg dsc05571.jpg dsc05572.jpg dsc05573.jpg dsc05574.jpg dsc05576.jpg dsc05577.jpg dsc05578.jpg dsc05579.jpg dsc05580.jpg dsc05582.jpg dsc05583.jpg dsc05584.jpg dsc05585.jpg dsc05586.jpg dsc05589.jpg dsc05590.jpg dsc05592.jpg dsc05593.jpg dsc05596.jpg dsc05598.jpg dsc05599.jpg dsc05601.jpg dsc05602.jpg dsc05604.jpg dsc05605.jpg dsc05606.jpg dsc05608.jpg dsc05609.jpg dsc05612.jpg dsc05613.jpg dsc05614.jpg dsc05615.jpg dsc05616.jpg


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  1. delyrium
    September 20th, 2013 at 22:17 | #1

    Normalnie szok !!! Great Job !!!

  2. Sariel
    July 5th, 2013 at 07:54 | #2

    @David Luders
    That’s unlikely, hamsters are short-sighted and they don’t exactly get the concept of height. Good thing though is that thanks to their fluffiness they rarely get hurt when falling 🙂 I’ve seen them fall from 1 meter on hard surface without any injury.

  3. David Luders
    July 5th, 2013 at 03:08 | #3

    Nice MOC! There are monorails like this at Disneyland and Disney World in the USA, with crowds of people looking just like your minifigs. I’m wondering — will your pet traverse your monorail track without falling off?

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