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Scout Tank

December 25th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My first tank, features a drivetrain with the subtractor, simple suspension, rotated turred and elevated cannon.


Completion date: 07/07/2007
Power: electric (wire-controlled)
Dimensions: length 30 studs / width 18 studs / height 18 studs
Weight:  0.71 kg
Suspension: pendular bogies
Motors: 2 x RC, 1 x 71427

That’s more or less how my fascination by tanks started. It may seem surprising, but this little tank contains two RC motors connected by the subtractor. The whole hull is built around them, and there’s nothing else inside. The turret can be rotatet throught 360 degrees by a 71427 motor at the back of it. The cannon is a regular LEGO Technic Competition Cannon, which can be elevated manually by the lever on top of the turret. To make this mechanism resistant to the cannon’s weight, I have used gears mounted on axle pins with friction. Note that the hull is so full of mechanics, that I couldn’t put the 71427 motor’s wire through there, so it comes out of the turret’s hatch.


0.jpg 1.jpg dsc01980.jpg dsc01988.jpg dsc01992.jpg dsc01993.jpg dsc01999.jpg dsc02000.jpg dsc02002.jpg dsc02003.jpg dsc02004.jpg dsc02005.jpg dsc02006.jpg dsc02007.jpg dsc02009.jpg dsc02010.jpg dsc02012.jpg dsc02013.jpg dsc02014.jpg dsc02015.jpg dsc02017.jpg dsc02022.jpg dsc02023.jpg dsc02025.jpg dsc02028.jpg dsc02031.jpg dsc02032.jpg dsc02041.jpg dsc02048.jpg dsc02050.jpg dsc02053.jpg dsc02055.jpg dsc02060.jpg dsc02061.jpg


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