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Liebherr T282B

December 30th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

The first model I’ve built entirely on my own. Features full suspension, 4×4 drive, 2-speed manual gearbox, rear differential lock and pneumatically lifted case.


Completion date: 27/01/2008
Power: electric (Power Functions) / pneumatic (fed from internal manual pump)
Dimensions: length 39 studs / width 22 studs / height 23 studs
Weight: 1.45 kg
Suspension: full pendular with shock absorbers on rear axle
Motors: 1 x PF XL, 1 x PF Medium,
Pneumatics: one circuit with manual pump

My first attempt to build an exact model of an actual machine without relying on someone else’s work (as it’s been in case of my Mark I tank). This construction models the world’s biggest dump truck, even though there are several minor errors in the dimensions of its front part. The case is only a mock-up, without any real load capacity, because the area where the load is normally stored is occupied by mechanics. Additionally, there are 2 wheels on the rear axle instead of 4, as the Lego wheels I’ve used are reasonably wider that the original ones.

In return for some of the sacrifices in aesthetics, the model is quite packed with features. The drivetrain consists of a simple 2-speed linear manual gearbox, which transmits drive to the front and then rear axle. Since both axles have pendular suspension, the direction of rotation of the driveshaft has to be altered between them – it eliminates the effect of the drive shaft’s torque tilting the vehicle’s body to sides. The rear axle stabilizes the entire vehicle with a pair of half-floating shock absorbers. It means that the shock absorbers are not fixed at the top, but can move up freely to a certain degree – a solution that offers a slightly worse stability, but greatly increases the suspension’s travel distance. There is also a manual differential lock on the rear axle. The front suspension uses my compact pendular driven & steered suspension module.

The last feature is the pneumatics used to lift the case. It’s a very simple system, located mainly on the side of the hull. It includes a single pneumatic cylinder, a manual valve and a manual pump. No airtank or electric compressor is used due to the limitations of the space available.


1.jpg 2.jpg dscn5608.jpg dscn5611.jpg dscn5612.jpg dscn5613.jpg dscn5615.jpg dscn5621.jpg dscn5625.jpg dscn5628.jpg dscn5635.jpg dscn5638.jpg dscn5641.jpg dscn5644.jpg dscn5645.jpg dscn5646.jpg dscn5651.jpg dscn5652.jpg dscn5653.jpg dscn5654.jpg dscn5655.jpg dscn5657.jpg dscn5659.jpg dscn5660.jpg dscn5663.jpg frontsuspension1.gif frontsuspension2.gif frontsuspension3.gif original1.jpg original2.jpg original3.jpg original_blueprint.jpg


  1. Kshomiv
    March 30th, 2011 at 02:27 | #1

    Very interesting model. 😀

  2. RjbsNXT
    October 7th, 2009 at 23:20 | #2

    Thanks very much 😀

  3. Sariel
    October 7th, 2009 at 19:48 | #3
  4. RjbsNXT
    October 7th, 2009 at 19:39 | #4

    What is the piece which is used to slide the driving ring to lock the differential? I can’t find informstion anywhere :S

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