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UFO Cow Abduction

A silly application of my idea for a tethered magnetic levitation. Also, a LEGO Ideas project.

Ever since coming up with the idea for achieving a stable tethered magnetic levitation, I was looking for some way to use it in practice. And finally, a silly idea dawned upon me: a UFO abducting a cow. So I’ve quickly put together this installation and submitted it to LEGO Ideas, an assumption that there are people out there who would enjoy threatening the livestock from their desks. You can support the project here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/7c3d0502-cce6-40d8-937b-f76c095cadb1

Being a spontaneous build, the installation was fairly simple, with some rough edges. The underside of the UFO didn’t get much polish, and the support was rather crude. The challenge here was that because of the magnets, the stress on the support is actually much larger than the UFO’s weight alone would generate. Also, the magnets were left fully exposed, which was a bit of an eyesore, and I think at least the upper magnet could have been enclosed inside the UFO.


IMG_7196.JPG IMG_7198.JPG IMG_7200.JPG IMG_7203x.jpg IMG_7205.JPG IMG_7208.JPG IMG_7213.JPG



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